Ground Six



What's important to us?

We like to have fun and work hard. We're precious about who we share our days (and often nights) with. We share views on what's really important when it comes to doing what we do:



1. Openness

To better ways of doing things, to learning wherever possible.



2. Appreciation

Of the fragility of new ideas and each other. Ideas can be so easily crushed. Creative teams require rich tapestries of character.



3. Willingness to risk

We like to test whenever time allows. However, it often doesn't. We're believers in an occasional sprinkling of good old fashioned, instinct-led risk-taking. We put our collective balls on the line each and every day we spend working. 



4. Approachability

As a business and as people. At Ground Six we spend all of our time working on the businesses we create but we still have time to talk and to help. We're fortunate to be made up exclusively of great people.



we've evolved.  

Our experiences across the many projects we've been involved in as a team have taught us a great deal. Investing time and money in businesses can be incredibly challenging, but also infinitely rewarding. Taking risks in order to achieve success with great people is always worth it; win, lose or draw.