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We're a dedicated bunch of individuals.

Always friendly, usually smart, occasionally wrong... and always honest. We're skilled in a whole range of areas from business development to SEO, from finance to marketing, web development and beyond. 


More specifically, we are...


Martin Stanley


"At both Ground Six and Bdaily my time is spent trying to improve the usefulness of our products and helping to determine the long-term strategies of companies. I’m fortunate to work on some very exciting projects with a great team. 

I enjoy business planning and strategy; trying to ensure that products and services are worthwhile for their users and that the businesses themselves are scalable at the same time. That’s rarely a simple challenge, particularly with online businesses, but it’s one I find interesting time and time again."


sarah callender


"My main focus is placed on strategy, taking products/business to market, business development, building relationships and attracting the right people to invest in or work collaboratively with.

My expertise lies in advising businesses on content, social and advertising solutions with the aim of raising overall online presence, building brand awareness, developing profile and authority and increasing sales to drive up revenue.

I'm also a qualified Performance and Behavioural Change Coach and deliver one to one executive coaching and business workshops. These focus on supporting people to change the way they view themselves, their business and the people around them."


jordan sharp


"The beauty of working for Ground Six is being given the opportunity to see numerous businesses evolve. There’s no better feeling than seeing an idea materialise and grow after months of careful nurturing and hard work.

My work involves developing and carrying out strategic online marketing plans for Ground Six businesses. With the ever changing online marketing environment, it’s imperative to keep up with current trends and adapt our strategies to keep us ahead of competition. I tend to be heavily involved with website work, advertising, product sourcing and cross-channel selling."


roy stanley


Roy Stanley has a wealth of experience in business, investing in businesses and raising investment. He founded The Tanfield Group as a private company in 1998 and was Chief Executive for a decade, overseeing its transition to AIM in December 2003. Roy has bought, owned and sold companies and is passionate about the North East and growing businesses.  

Roy was, until late 2011, Chairman of Business Enterprise Group. He continues to have a number of private business interests. He lives in Newcastle, is married with three adult children. He holds an MBA from the University of Newcastle and is currently studying a DBA at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. 


daryn robinson